WŁest Indices Latest developments in the real estate market

Transaction-based, quality-adjusted price indices created and developed by WŁest Partner for the Swiss property market.

Price trends are shown for an average property (average size, fit-out standard and locational quality) for owner-occupied apartments and single-family houses for Switzerland as a whole or one of the 8 market regions ( Monitoring regions) from 1985 to the present day. As updates are performed on a quarterly basis, the values posted for the current year are provisional. Other indices are available on request.

The use and dissemination since mid-1999 of hedonic valuation models for owner-occupied housing allow WŁest Partner to record some 20,000 arm's-length transactions each year. Details of some 140,000 current and historic transactions involving owner-occupied properties had been collected by the end of 2007.

Base data

Annual transaction price index (base: 1985) for owner-occupied housing
Source: Wüest Partner AG
Survey status: 2024-03-31
Last update: 2024-04-16
Next update: 2024-07-31
Geographical coding: OG-2023

Further details on the transaction price indices are provided in the methodology (german).